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The Miniature World Around You

Look Closer or You’ll Miss Out…

Ever since purchasing my wide angle/macro lens, I’ve been photographing everything that has miniature detail. Take a look:

underside of a leaf

The macro view of the underside of a rogue leaf. Notice the veins, midrib (larger stem) & hairs (trichomes).


And this gnat. This photograph isn’t the clearest but I’ll get there eventually. Note the blue contrast from our lawn chair which adds a pop of color.

miniature grass

This final photograph is the view I imagine an ant, cockroach or small bug would see. It is the outskirts of the grass represented by a rather large blade of grass.


  • 52mm lens @ 55 zoom with macro attachment
  • No wide angle lens attached
  • UV filter attached
  • Manual mode/manual auto adjustment

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