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Memorial Day 2017, Gone But Not Forgotten

“For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we are grateful that such men and women were among us…” -Steve Buyer It’s been raining relentlessly during all of memorial week, here in Hawaii. As if earth itself is aware that such men and women who once lived to defend this country, have passed and are… Read More Memorial Day 2017, Gone But Not Forgotten

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The Miniature World Around You

Look Closer or You’ll Miss Out… Ever since purchasing my wide angle/macro lens, I’ve been photographing everything that has miniature detail. Take a look: The macro view of the underside of a rogue leaf. Notice the veins, midrib (larger stem) & hairs (trichomes). And this gnat. This photograph isn’t the clearest but I’ll get there… Read More The Miniature World Around You

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Malfoy’s One Good Eye

Malfoy, attempting to nap…   I recently purchased a new (relatively cheap) macro lens attachment & absolutely love messing around with it. Meet my most interesting subject, my fur baby Malfoy. Technicalities: No wide angle lens attachment Macro lens attached onto my 52mm lens Taken at 55 zoom UV lens filter also attached, between macro lens… Read More Malfoy’s One Good Eye

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I Love My Job, Part II

It’s Hawaiian spring time again! …Okay, not technically. But as soon as January came, so did the 90 degree weather along with the beautiful flower deliveries from our vendors. Obviously, I’ve been photographing flowers at work like crazy, specially since the Christmas season along with the hectic shopping, has died down significantly. So what does that… Read More I Love My Job, Part II

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Malfoy, our Border Aussie.

Meet our Border Aussie – Malfoy… Before we married, Jonathan and I used to spend hours upon hours talking about adopting a Border Collie. We’d sit there and day-dream of finding our “perfect” little fur baby to accompany us on all of our future family adventures. This is how the story goes, Last summer while out shopping… Read More Malfoy, our Border Aussie.

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I Love My Job, Part I

It’s no secret that I wholeheartedly love the outdoors & everything in it. From little tiny bugs to moving mountains, my love runs deep for what stirs outside while society progresses indoors. First things first, a little about myself… I work at a Lowe’s Home Improvement inside of the garden center as a vendor and… Read More I Love My Job, Part I

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Body Surfing On A Rainy Day

Living in Hawaii has been a wonderful experience thus far. When it’s sunny you can usually find us hiking a new trail, or lounging on a sandy shore somewhere along the beautiful coast line. On the other hand, when it’s rainy, if we aren’t indoors with Malfoy, you can usually catch us enjoying the sweet… Read More Body Surfing On A Rainy Day