About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my life as seen through a lens.

My name is Kathia Grant. I am the oldest, most obnoxious child, raised shredding the abandoned golf course behind our childhood home, on a Kawasaki 250cc dirt bike.

As you can probably tell already, I absolutely love the outdoors and everything in it. From bugs to vast night skies, I’m probably there photographing it with my newest baby, my Nikon D3100.

a woman taking pictures
Me taking sunset photos, compliments of my best friend, Fry.

 My love for the outdoors has always been present thanks to my dad, who made sure to keep me outside in order to teach me that there are things beyond make up and tv. Thanks to my dad, I grew up getting dirty with the boys. My brother always by my side, we learned to venture out beyond our backyards. Eventually our backyard adventures blossomed into a never ending, mutual love for the outdoors. Now, grown up and older, we make every effort to plan trips together in order to find our next big adventure!


siblings at Tanque Verde, AZ
Tanque Verde, AZ

I’m also crazy enough to have served our country through the Army & am even crazier to be married to an Infantry man who doubles as my best friend & the love of my life. Thanks to the military, we get stationed in some amazing places & I am able to nurture my love of photography, hiking and the outdoors (combined.)

Currently we are in Oahu

Oahu bay
The Crouching Tiger trail

We have a mischievous fur baby named Malfoy who was born with only one eye. Don’t worry! It does not affect him whatsoever. In fact, we think it makes him more rebellious and daring!


Border Aussie napping
Malfoy trying to nap

Recently, I’ve been drawn into the world of Blogging and have fallen in love with it all. From creating my own site, to maintaining it and sharing as much relative information as possible with you; Blogging is one of my newest passions.


zen coffee table
My zen coffee table

In conclusion, I am a human just like you. I’m simply a human trying to leave a positive mark on this world. As so beautifully quoted by David Brower, “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


Thank you,

For taking time out of your day to learn about us, our crazy life and the things I’m able to experience. I love you, for allowing me to share!

 With love,