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To me, the most precious and valuable thing we have is time. Personally I believe that time spent outdoors is time well spent. During March of 2016, I found myself hiking down the South Kaibab Trail…at night. It was our first time at the Grand Canyon and honestly we had NO IDEA that what we were hiking was of such magnitude. Only when the sun rose and woke us from our naps on benches at the Phantom Ranch did we realize exactly how nuts we had been. Long story short, the sheer thrill of trying something new, stumbling in the moonlight and adding a good layer of dirt and dust to my hiking shoes, sucked me into the world of hiking and exploring. As a result, I was hooked.

Later that same year, I acquired my Nikon D3100 and began hauling it with me on my hikes and recording my new-found love for the outdoors. The result is that of which you find in this blog. My love for the outdoors and traveling is growing at a substantial rate and I don’t plan on stopping. With the help of my trusty Nikon, I will show you many things to see and experience outdoors. Stay tuned for more.

Why I made this blog…

I founded katadventure.com because I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to share my findings and experiences with a like-minded crowd. Although I extensively use multiple media outlets, none of them allow me to post all of this information without getting too annoying (considering I cover the same topic, just different categories.)

So, WELCOME to my blog. I now challenge you to find a hike under the Hiking tab, which you think will test your limits and if you aren’t on island or won’t be for a while, then I challenge you to find a hike in your area, and complete it. Once finished, return to my blog and share your best moments in the comments section of any hiking page. I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with! 🙂

I’ll start with the first one:

Nipton Trading Post
Railroad Crossing at the Nipton Trading Post, outside of the Mojave National Preserve.


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